“Slick pacing and well-drawn details… [Coffey] is a hugely winning protagonist, and Greisman keeps his foot on the gas throughout.”

Coming January 23, 2024

“A gritty noir thriller reminiscent of the best of Ross MacDonald…. Combining singular fictional characters with some of the most famous real people of the era, it takes us on an unforgettable journey.”
creator of deadwood and co-creator of nypd blue

“A first-rate late ‘50’s NYC noir that hits all the right notes, weaving fiction, familiar real-life figures and an affecting love story into a gripping tale of moral corruption that packs a physical and emotional punch.”
co-creator of twin peaks

“A well-crafted throwback thriller.”
Kirkus Reviews

The Devil’s Daughter

Coming January 23, 2024

Private investigator Jack Coffey has been hired by Lewis Garrett, a wealthy and powerful Wall Street financier to find his deeply troubled teenage daughter Lucy. Lucy hasn’t returned home after spending the night with a friend and her father is afraid something terrible has happened to her. Jack doesn’t know it yet, but he is about to step into a world where nothing and no one are what they seem. Is Garrett really concerned about Lucy? Or is he frightened that left to her own devices, she will reveal stunning secrets that will destroy him?

With the help of his beautiful and resourceful girlfriend Victoria Hemming, the fashion IT girl of the moment, Jack travels from the mean streets of 1950’s Hells Kitchen to luxury apartments on Fifth Avenue and Central Park West, from the jazz joints on Fifty-Second Street and mafia hangouts in the East Village to swank uptown nightclubs and the city’s toniest private schools in search of a girl who doesn’t want to be found.

The Devil’s Daughter is a parable of sorts, a parable that has tremendous resonance for today. It’s set in The Fifties, a decade thought to be stylish, innocent, and silent, but in that silence young women and girls were exploited, abused, intimidated, threatened, and scarred for life. The Jeffrey Epsteins and Harvey Weinsteins of that time were unabashed, smug, and got off scot free. Their crimes should have been exposed then. In The Devil’s Daughter they are now.

About Gordon

Gordon Greisman is a screenwriter and producer. He was nominated for an Emmy Award for the NBC mini-series The Drug Wars; In The Belly of the Beast, and a Producer’s Guild Award for his adaptation of Jonathan Mahler’s The Bronx is Burning. He also has created a television series for Fox and written and produced TV movies for NBC, CBS, HBO, and ABC. The Devil’s Daughter is his first novel.



January 23, 6:00 p.m.
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